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Carrying fire safety drills, for the responsibility of safty

author:Henan Hosn Biologic Materialssource:Shandong Yino Biologic MaterialsNumber:4649dates:2019-08-30

Carrying fire safety drills, for the responsibility of safty

In order to further strengthen employees' awareness of fire safety, improve their ability to deal with emergencies, and master the correct use of fire extinguishers and escape methods, Henan Hosn Biologic Materials Co., Ltd.held a "fire drill" on August 23, 2019.

Carrying fire safety drills, for the responsibility of safty

Firstly, Wang Yunsheng, general manager of the company, introduced the significance of the fire drill and related fire knowledge, as well as the importance of safety production in the work, and hoped that staff will seriously understand the theme spirit of the exercise, enhance safety awareness, and "prevention first, safety first" in-depth implementation of the actual production. We should firmly establish the concept of "water and fire are merciless, safety is the first" in order to achieve the goal of emphasizing safety, diligently preventing, ensuring production and promoting development. Then Mr.Wang introduced the types and performance of fire extinguishing equipment, fire adaptability and operation essentials are explained in detail. After explaining, the staff will conduct on-site operation for fire evacuation and simulated fire extinguishing exercises.

Carrying fire safety drills, for the responsibility of safty

The simulation training aims to improve the ability of self-rescue and scientific escape of employees; to cultivate the spirit of mutual assistance and escape ability of employees in emergencies; to enable everyone to learn, understand, use and master the essentials of using fire extinguishers skillfully.Through this fire drill, the staff's awareness of fire safety was enhanced, and the company's fire safety activities were institutionalized. This activity has laid a solid foundation for ensuring the company's fire safety, achieved the expected goal and achieved a complete success.